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PacketX - wrapper for WinPcap packet capture library

PacketX is a small COM class library that makes it easy to use WinPcap packet capture functionality from almost any modern programming language supporting ActiveX technology.

PacketX uses WinPcap Packet Driver API implemented by packet.dll and BPF filtering support from pcap.dll. This means that you can use PacketX to capture, send (and optionally filter) packets and collect network statistics. PacketX cannot be used to block network traffic to build a firewall.

The library contains an ActiveX control that can be used from RAD development tools like Microsoft Visual Basic or Borland Delphi. For scripting languages there are corresponding lightweight COM classes. See also the How to Use page for more information.


The latest version number is 3.2.

Download PacketX 3.2 (692 KB)

Read the Documentation (HTML)


PacketX comes with standard Windows installer that will guide you through the setup process. You need also to install the Winpcap packet capture library to be able to capture network packets.

Download the Winpcap 4.0


The following two examples demonstrate how to capture packets and collect network statistics using Microsoft C++ and VBscript programming languages:

The complete list of PacketX code examples can be found from here


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